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LATEST NEWS - December 4, 2014
Why? Because I've had enough. I will no longer explain the same things over and over again because people find it too much trouble to read the information as requested. I refuse to be bothered any longer by people ignoring the things they did read, like asking for parts that are not listed. And I'm certainly not going to be wasting my time anymore with those that place an order, let me put it all together and calculate the shipping costs and then don't pay and don't even bother to answer a reminder. Also: this was just a part service. Ordering spares does not mean they come with a free internet course in synthesizer repair. When you don't know how to fix it, get help from a qualified technician. At this moment I don't know what the future will look like. You might witness a revival of Vintage Planet as you know it, this time run by someone else. Only time will tell... For the time being, there are several items in my eBay shop you might need and more will follow. Click here: Vintage Planet You might want to bookmark that page, since it could be your only access for a long time.
WARNING ! People that make the same mistakes on eBay again by not reading what it says in the descriptions, or asking for parts not offered for sale there, will be blocked from eBay as well, losing their only access.

To my existing, professiona! customers and only those of them who had the patience to read this far down:
Future developments will be announced on my secret Facebook page. When you're running a professional repair service and are not a member yet, request to be added by email.